Dior commercial ss23

In a video tinged with mystery, the Dior ss23 collection by Maria Grazia Chiuri reasserts its striking beauty while paying homage to the Renaissance styles of Catherine de Medici’s court. Exploring the dialogue between the past and present through poetic virtuosity of the House. Whilst exploring the privileged connection that women share with nature. As a fervent passion of Monsieur Dior’s, the garden is also reflected through the floral motifs.

Featuring the choreography and movement direction by Imre & Marne , they worked closely alongside director Tanu Muino to create this baroque dream. Reuniting the special selected group of dancers for the occasion. (Featured here is the Director’s cut)


The unveiling of the Dior spring-summer 2023 ready-to-wear collection is for Maria Grazia Chiuri the opportunity to create collective energy thanks to the contributions of various committed artists in such a way that the public can feel involved and become protagonists themselves.

For the show, she thus gave carte blanche to Eva Jospin – with whom she had already collaborated on the Dior autumn-winter 2021-2022 haute couture show – to imagine a baroque grotto made of cardboard, a key element for the artist, an essential object of her research.

The Buttes Chaumont grotto in Paris, the Villa Borromeo Visconti Litta in Lombardy, and the frescoes of the Palazinna Cinese in Palermo provided Eva Jospin with inspiration for this inventive installation that recreates the real through artifice.

Grottos and caves are architecture carved into rock, changing over time, characterised by the progression of nature, the metamorphosis of encrusted shells. Gallery, forest, cave: the artists universe explores interiority, mystery, with those energies that constitute a fundamental component of femininity. A three dimensional work that then takes on a two-dimensional form on panels and canvases adorned arches, ruins and vegetation-covered walls.

It is in this setting that the Dutch choreographers and dancers, Imre and Marne van Opstal, a creative duo uniting a sister and brother, evolve, exploring the human condition, the limits and possibilities of body and mind through multi layered and often surreal dance. For this show, which Maria Grazia Chiuri describes as a collective collaboration born of the meeting of different projects and languages, they have imagined a performance reminiscent of the Renaissance, reinterpreting it in the sense, precisely, of a veritable rebirth. The dancers move in harmony with the collection: the sculptural bodies shift like statues, brought to light by Maria Grazia Chiuri’s models. Plaster, marble and stone are animated by movements evoking a classical language imbued with the resolutely contemporary impetus.