The Point Being

What happens when multiple, seemingly unrelated events collide? How do they overlap as one
breathable entity that consistently morphs into new ways of being? In The Point Being,
choreographers Imre van Opstal & Marne van Opstal explore the idea of synchronicity: the seemingly
fleeting moment in which everything seems to make sense. With a multidisciplinary approach, in
which choreography, scenography and music generate both friction and harmony.

The work is created in collaboration with Dutch designer Lonneke Gordijn and DRIFT, accompanied
with a music score by Amos Ben-Tal and light design by Tom Visser. With the close
cooperation of the NDT 1 dancers as the cornerstone, Imre and Marne hope to give inspiration to
abstract space and the visualization of synchronicity. How do we make the invisible, visible? We
invite you into this visual connection where we try to stop time for a moment in a world that
continuously seems to escape the moment.


Choreography / Direction: Imre van Opstal & Marne van Opstal

Concept: Lonneke Gordijn (DRIFT) & Imre van Opstal & Marne van Opstal

Music: Amos Ben-Tal

Decor: Lonneke Gordijn (DRIFT)

Light Design: Tom Visser

Costume Design: Imre van Opstal & Marne van Opstal in collaboration with the NDT Atelier

Performers: Anna Bekirova, Conner Bormann, Thalia Crymble, Scott Fowler, Barry Gans, Nicole Ishimaru, Kele Roberson, Yukino Takaura, Luca Tessarini

Duration: ca 40 minutes

Premiere: Netherlands Dance Theater 1, 2023

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